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An important announcement

Dear loyal readers of Cynicaliberal:

The project I had in mind, a bLogzine, has gone bust mostly due to the fact that I haven't sufficient time to put into making it a success (Law school does that to people, I guess).

But since the community is here and has acquired a small, grass-roots base of cynical liberals, let us continue to exchange our ideas and promote the progressive agenda that REALLY dominates the mainstream.

Therefore, I am announcing that I am taking all posting restrictions off. Let the community become a free-flowing lake of ideas and discussions.

I and papayarain will continue to moderate the community. I will be posting rules and regulations on the info page later today. Deviations from those rules will result in post deletion and potential banning of the offender.

Encourage your fellow liberal friends to join us so that the conversations may be broader and more diverse. And welcome to the new Cynicaliberal LJ community.
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