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The end is .... not nigh?

I got all excited this morning. While in a break from BarBRI class, I looked on my iPod at the CNN front page, and it said that Hillary was going to concede. I got excited, thinking "finally this madness is over."

Then when I got out of class, the headline was that Terry McAuliffe had said that she was NOT conceding, and that she had three days to convince enough Superdelegates to abandon Obama and come to her side.


Seriously, it is time. You've done enough damage to this fall's campaign, Senator Clinton. Let it go. In a democracy, sometimes the other guy wins, and you lost. It's time for all Democrats to get behind the winner.

Did you see John Edwards threatening to take the 2004 primary to the convention when he didn't win? You lost, and if you persist you will look more and more like a sore loser, and you will threaten any chance you have of being a player in the future of the Democratic Party.

Please for everyone's sake just let it go. You ran a good campaign. You brought it down to the wire. But despite bringing the score within a touchdown, when the whistle blew your score was still lower than Senator Obama's.
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